Ordinary Differential Equations

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This text contains more than sufficient material for a two-semester first course in ordinary differential equations. The material included has been chosen with two specific objectives. First, this book seeks to prepare the reader for serious courses in partial differential equations, functional analysis, and numerical analysis. It includes a number of motivating examples and illustrations of ideas to be pursued in these courses, presented in the simple framework provided by ordinary differential equations. The reader will also get considerable practice in basic analysis: the calculus of inequalities, basic Hilbert space techniques, elementary use of the Dirac delta function. Second, this book contains introductions to several ideas of current research interest, including nonlinear boundary value problems, Lyapunov exponents, finite-element methods, singulary perturbations, and orbits between critical points of autonomous systems.

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Full Title Ordinary Differential Equations
Author M Sever
ISBN [Hbk] 0-906783-73-9
ISBN [Pbk] 0-906783-74-7
Cover Hardback or Paperback
Pages vi + 341 pages
Published July 1987
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