Applications of Advanced Computational Methods for Boundary and Interior Layers

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This is the second volume in the series. It provides a collection of applications of these new computational techniques.


1. Application of domain decomposition to semiconductor device modelling and simulation in diagnostics of semiconductor structures by I P Boglaev and V V Sirotkin

2. Uniformly convergent schemes for singular perturbation problems combining alternating directions and exponential fitting techniques by C Clavero, J C Jorge and F Lisbona

3. Boundary conditions for models of slightly compressible flows by T Hagstrom and J Lorenz

4. Key to the computation of the transfer of a substance by convection-diffusion in a laminar fluid by A F Hegarty, J J H Miller, E O'Riordan and G I Shishkin

5. Special finite difference methods for calculating heat fields in solid bodies with rapidly changing surface temperature by J J H Miller, E O'Riordan, E A Petrenko and G I Shishkin

6. A multigrid formulation for steady Euler equations on unstructured adaptive grids by K Riemslagh and E Dick

7. Exponential fitting techniques in thermal and hydrodynamic semiconductor device simulation by W H A Schilders

8. Stabilized finite element methods for the Navier-Stokes problem by L Tobiska

9. Numerical solution of non-linear singular perturbation problems modelling chemical reactions by R Vulanovic, P A Farrell and P Lin

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Full Title Applications of Advanced Computational Methods for Boundary and Interior Layers
Editor J J H Miller
ISBN [Hbk] 1-85748-001-5
ISBN [Pbk] 1-85748-002-3
Cover Hardback or Paperback
Pages vii + 213 pages
Published June 1993
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