Computational Methods for Boundary and Interior Layers in Several Dimensions

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This is the first volume in a new BOOLE PRESS series on advanced computational methods for boundary and interior layers. It provides an overview of the latest techniques for solution of problems involving such layers in more than one dimension. The reader will find in it not only answers to interesting specific problems but also a host of open state-of-the-art research topics.


1. The integral-difference method for quasilinear singular perturbation problems by I P Boglaev and V V Sirotkin;

2. The approximation of hyperbolic and convection-diffusion equations by explicit finite element methods by R S Falk and G R Richter;

3. The Scharfetter-Gummel discretization for drift-diffusion continuity equations by P A Farrell and E C Gartland Jr;

4. Spectral bounds and iterative methods in convection dominated flow by R B Kellogg;

5. The construction of uniformly convergent finite difference schemes for singulary perturbed problems for a quasilinear elliptic equations by J J H Miller and G I Shishkin;

6. An exceptionally fitted finite element method for a stationary convection-diffusion problem by J J H Miller and S Wang;

7. An analysis of some exponentially fitted finite element methods for singularly perturbed elliptic problems by E O'Riordan and M Stynes;

8. A posteriori error estimates for elliptic boundary value problems by L Angermann and H G Roos;

9. Application of exponential fitting techniques to semiconductor device simulation by W H A Schilders;

10. Non-equidistant finite difference methods for elliptic singular perturbation problems by R Vulanovic.


Series ISSN 0791-5594

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Full Title Computational Methods for Boundary and Interior Layers in Several Dimensions
Editor J J H Miller
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