Analysis of Mathematical Models of Semiconductor Devices

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For purposes of design and analysis, the flow of mobile carriers in the interior of a semiconductor device is often described by a fairly well-known system of partial differential equations. As the size of devices has decreased, with a corresponding increase in the complexity of their dynamics, the classical assumptions and simplifications used for solution of this system have become increasingly inappropriate and inadequate. A demand for quantitative accuracy in the solutions of this problem has been partially satisfied by the increased use of direct numerical methods. In this context, the book has two principal objectives: to introduce engineers to some mathematical background of this problem in general and that of the commonly adopted numerical methods in particular; and second, to present numerical analysts and other mathematicans with an interesting problem in nonlinear partial differential equations of elliptic or parabolic type, with important applications.




The Stationary Problem

Discretization of the Stationary Problem

The Time-dependent Problem

Discretization of the Time-dependent Problem

Simulation of Multiple

Coupled Devices



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Full Title Analysis of Mathematical Models of Semiconductor Devices
Author Micheal S Mock
ISBN [Hbk] 0-906783-07-0
ISBN [Pbk] 0-906783-13-5
Cover Hardback or Paperback
Pages viii + 200 pages
Published January 1983
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